Appointment Procedures

** APPOINTMENT PROCEDURES** Due to Covid 19, we have new procedures in place for all appointments. Sanitising is a mandatory procedure we adhere to in store. Our testing room is cleaned down after every exam, as are all our frames to insure no trace of contamination.
For all those wishing to make an appointment these are some of the guidelines we ask you to follow.
1) If you are experiencing any Covid symptoms such as: Fever/Cough/Headaches please contact your GP
2) Please phone us to make an appointment as we are still working behind closed doors to limit the amount of people in store at any given time.
3) As advised by The Association of Optometrists Ireland, all exams will require a Dilation, which will involve putting drops in your eyes to enlarge your pupil. This will give us better access to the eye, without having to get too close to the patient. As a result your vision may be blurry for up to an hour after your exam, so please get a driver to assist you or walk if possible. Bring a pair of sunglasses to wear after your exam as you will be a little light sensitive
4) Please wear a mask to your appointment. Disposable masks are available in store for €2
5) Please arrive alone to the practice as this will limit the amount of people in store at one time.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us on 05986 38626