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The NDLS requires a eye test for a Driving Licence report (form D502) when applying for a new Licence. It is not normally required however when you are applying for renewal of your licence. You can download and print the form here. 

This 25 minute visual acuity check ensures your standard of vision is up to regulation standards. For a learner permit, the driver must complete this eyesight report and it is stated on the licence whether the driver requires corrective lenses or not to enable the driver to meet the standards required by the state. We have a new Humphrey Visual Field analyser which enables us to issue driving eyesight reports for group 1 category and group 2 category. The following is a list of catagories for which we can complete reports. Category B, BE, W, C, CE, C!, C1E, D, DE, D1, D1E

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A medical report form is required with an application for a driving licence or learner permit where the driver is aged 70 years and over or where the driving licence or learner permit they are renewing expires on the eve of their seventieth birthday. Up to 30 June 2021 drivers aged 70 years and over can, under certain circumstances, apply to renew a licence or permit without submitting a medical report form provided they do not have certain specified medical conditions and they are not applying to renew any group 2 categories (trucks and buses).

The Medical Report must be completed correctly by a registered medical practitioner and you must sign the declaration in their presence. It must be presented to the NDLS within three months of being signed by the medical practitioner. Please note the maximum term for higher categories on a full licence is 5 years.

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