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Eye Test


Behind the Business

An eye exam is carried out by an optometrist/optician. Usually it can take up to 20-30 minutes and sometimes longer is extra tests are needed. It is recommended that an eye examination is carried out every 2 years. Some patients with certain medical conditions i.e diabetics, may require more frequent tests. 

During an eye exam the external and internal structure of the eye are inspected with our state of the art equipment. We have a state of the art OCT Camera which allows us to view the back of the eye (retina) under high megnification. Our field analyser is used to examine the patients peripheral vision. Eye pressures aremeasured using our tonometer. This procedure detects for signs of glaucoma, in which the pressure inside the eye has become rasied. 

If you are a medical card holder, over the age of 16, or if you qualify under your PRSI, you are entitled to a free eye test once every two years and to an allowance off spectacles if required. Please do not hesiate to contact the practise with any queries or to complete the medical card/PRSI application. 

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Designed to assist your doctor in identifying retinal diseases

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