We stock a large selection of products which include;

  • Spectacle Frames;

  • Spectacle Lenses;

  • Spectacle Repair Kits;

  • Lens Cleaning Cloths;

  • Spray Lens Cleaner;

  • Prescription Sports Goggles;

  • Bolle Safety Glasses;

  • Prescription Swimming Goggles;

  • Ready Readers;

  • Cords and Chains;

  • Polarised Over Glasses (For Driving, Fishing And Sunwear)

  • Contact Lenses;

  • Contact Lens Solution;

  • Eye Masks;

  • Eye Spoons ( for the treatment of dry eyes);

  • Eye Gels;

  • Eye Drops; and

  • Gift Vouchers.

An in practice Glazing and Repair Service is available.